Sunday, July 28, 2013

Corkboard - The Big Reveal!

Good Morning, Virginia here with good news for those waiting to see my completed corkboard project.   I am sure most of you know how our family and work priorities sometimes get in the way of our fun!    I appreciate your patience as a lot of miles have been traveled in my household since I started the project.    Several trips to the beautiful town of Northeast, Maryland for me to get my son there and back for boy scout camp.   If that were not enough my husband has just returned from a week in Saudi Arabia.   We are all home this weekend and then I am off to St. Petersburg, Florida next weekend for an HSN show for Martha Stewart Crafts on August 5th.   I will be with my fellow Crafting Journals blogger, Lenore.    
Here is the link to the first part of my Corkboard project.    I had so much fun finishing it on Friday night when I had two hours to myself.     I decided to finish posting the project in a photo video collage. You can easily pause it if you are trying to follow along.   Here it is:

Here is my big reveal of my bright and fun finished corkboard:


Now to decide whether to put it in my craft space or in my kitchen.    If you decide to make a corkboard please feel free to post a picture on The Crafting Journals Facebook page.     
P.S.  If you notice I ended up not using the Gelatos on this project.   I have other plans for those Gelatos.   Hopefully I will have something to post using them in the future.  :)   Vi