Anna Zuniga

Anna is a country girl from Alabama who is misplaced in New Jersey. She is married to a wonderful man who she met while serving on board the USS John F. Kennedy Naval Ship back in 1996. (Yes, she is a sailor girl. J) Anna’s sweet husband is also very supportive of her crafting passion. Meaning that he doesn't ask questions and she doesn't divulge any information. {LOL} He does ask for a card every now and again which is a nice compliment.  Anna does not have any children (as of yet), unless you count her 14 year old cat named "Gato" and her 2 year old Maltese puppy named "Miss Daisy". She does have lots of nieces and nephews who are often shown in her scrapbook pages.

Anna loves Shabby Chic, Clean & Simple, and a little bit of vintage thrown in there at times while she is crafting.  When Anna creates she is often working on something mix media, scrapbooking, card making and pretty much all things crafty.

Ranger U Certified 2006
Standard Copic Certification 2012
Intermediate Copic Certification 2012

Here are some of Anna's work:

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