Thursday, April 17, 2014

Scrappy Carrot: Plan B

Happy Easter everyone! Elizabeth here with a fun last minute Easter decoration ... and yes, it’s another something to put in a frame. What can I say ... I love me some black frame fillers : ).

This Scrappy Carrot is actually a hybrid of two crafts I have pinned on my “Basket Case” Pinterest board.  I love the carrot made from paper straws found here and I equally love this paper strip piece found here.  Since I didn’t have any orange paper straws (I know, gasp!) and I wanted a carrot shape instead of an egg, I needed to come up with a Plan B. 

Here's how I made my Plan B.

STEP ONE: Gather supplies.

  • scissors: plain and fringe
  • pencil
  • white cardstock (mine is cut to 5 x 7 inches)
  • green pattern paper scrap
  • orange pattern paper scraps cut into 1 inch thick strips
  • temporary adhesive
  • carrot clipart (my carrot is approx. 4 x 5 ½ inches)

STEP TWO: Trace carrot clipart shape on backside of cardstock piece.

STEP THREE: Cut carrot out to create frame.

STEP FOUR: Decide on pattern paper placement.

STEP FIVE: Apply temporary adhesive around cut edge of carrot shape on back side of cardstock (I use temporary adhesive so that I can use my sewing machine over it without gumming up the needle).

STEP SIX: Lay carrot frame over pattern paper strips and apply pressure so strips stick.

STEP SEVEN: Use both plain and fringe scissors to hand cut carrot top then adhere it to top of carrot shape.


STEP EIGHT: Machine stitch around cut edge of carrot, making sure to capture green  top.

STEP NINE: Insert finished piece into frame.


So I hope you enjoy this quick frame filler idea!  And let me know if you come up with your own Plan C ... I’d love to see it : ).


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  1. This is awesome Elizabeth. I'll be giving this a shot tonight when I get home from work. Thanks for the inspiration!! :)