Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Michelle Blohm

Hello Everyone! Darlene here and it's that time again!

It's Artist Spotlight Time!

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This month I have the honor of introducing a very talented lady who is also my sister. Our September Artist Spotlight is Michelle Blohm. Michelle has so many artistic talents from graphic/web design, miniature work, drawing, painting, knitting and crocheting. This month we are so excited to share some of her beautiful crochet work with everyone.

Tell us a little about yourself?

Since I started crocheting at the age of 4 and I don’t think there has been a day without yarn or thread in it since then. At school my crochet hooks would often get taken away, so crocheting potholders, scarves and afghans with my fingers was rather normal, then I would make my own hooks from jumbo paper clips and that became how I managed doilies. Necessity is INDEED the mother of invention.  

Favorite item to crochet?

I love to make granny squares mostly. It’s was something my mother taught me and I just never tire of it. They remind me of the vintage afghans with so many colors, you can make just about anything out of them and did I mention how great this stitch pattern is for using up scraps of yarn?

I hear people knit and crochet everywhere... Where do you love to crochet?

My projects are always with me, but just the small ones like hats, scarves or shawls but the afghans have to stay home. I have no problem whipping out a project anywhere at all and if stares could be redeemed for cash – I’d have even more yarn stash. Lately I’m able to finish so many small projects on the commuter train and shuttles – sometimes several projects a week!

Your favorite project?

Shawls are my favorite to make because when you’re finished you have soft, beautiful, love and comfort around your shoulders and they last forever. I love how portable they are and I don’t know of a better way to show off beautiful colorways of hand dyed yarns and to try some new techniques. I often have a few going, like a complicated lace one at home and an easier stitch pattern for on the go.

Do you have any favorite tools for crochet and why?

Crochet hooks are an obsession of mine and I’ll admit, I do collect some of the antique ones. I have some hand carved from wood and bone but my everyday choice is the Susan Bates inline hooks, not the egg shaped tip ones which make up most of the rest of the ones offered today, I can make double the stitches in the same amount of time with these.

Favorite Yarn?

My favorite yarn, crazy as it may seem, is the very simple and inexpensive Berocco Vintage in all weights. I love the softness, colorways and easy care of it so that makes it great for gifts and babies. I have so much love for the rest of the yarn offerings out there though and as long as it’s not too textured, I probably have it in my stash – or something similar.
You can find Michelle's work at any of the places below.


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