Monday, October 21, 2013

Have A Boo-tiful Halloween

Happy October everyone!  
Elizabeth here with some Halloween décor eye candy. 

Mmm. Candy. The best part of Halloween if you don’t count the ability to dress up as a witch and behave the part without any complaints from your family.

Not that I have any experience with that.


Anywho ... here are some pix of what’s topping the horizontal spaces in my family room this month: lots of printables, more big paper mache letters and an entire patch of pumpkins.

First. The mantle.  Frames. Paper flower wreath. Thematic knick-knacks. Banner. Done.

Next.  The bookshelves. Big paper mache letters. Piles of pumpkins ... including my newest addition ... the large chevron. Hanging pattern paper letters. Twigs. Light-bulb lit jack-o-lantern. Which, I should remember to put on a timer ...

Lastly. The console table. Glittered pumpkin. Triangle banner made by my dear friend Kay. Flying bats in a frame. 10-minute bright orange table runner ... man, I wish I could run for 10 minutes without turning bright orange.


And finally last ... what Halloween post wouldn’t be complete without a picture of a black cat? Um, none. So here she is. 

Ahhh ... isn’t she sweet?  Ok. Indulge me.  My only child has left me for college.  I’ve got nothing else to lavish all this pent up mothering pride on.

Have a Boo-tiful Halloween everyone!  I’m off to find the bags of candy I hid from myself.  It might take a while ... I’m either getting really tricky or really forgetful in my old age : ).

And speaking of forgetting, before I do so ... here are the links to the printables I used: Trick-or-Treat Chalkboard; Halloween Subway Art; Witch with Cat; Batty Trick-or-Treat and Boo Signs; Chevron 31; Keep Calm.


  1. You never cease to amaze me! Love it all. Great job!

  2. Stunning, as always, Elizabeth! You can come decorate my house any time!

  3. You've put me in the Halloween mood! BOOO-tiful!