Thursday, October 10, 2013

It's All Relative...

Crafty Greetings!  I had been thinking for a while about what I wanted to post and was not coming up with anything that grabbed me.  Then, unfortunately, my wonderful Aunt Carol passed away... and the two days I spent with my amazing family celebrating her life helped me recall a family tree layout I did a while ago.  The light bulb lit up and voila… a blog post was born.  : )
I have a large family and at one of our annual family reunions I took a lot of great photos of everyone.  It inspired me to come up with a way to include the photos with a family tree in a two page scrapbook layout.  Here's how I did it:
I made a title page and unintentionally used a “symbolic” tree photo.  : )

The right side of the layout has multiple parts.  I cut two pieces of green cardstock to 7x12in and arranged my photos on them in a grid format.  Note:  Before laying out photos, score and fold a one inch "hinge" down the long side of each piece that you will adhere to the back of the base.

On the flip side of each hinged piece are the names of those in the photos.  I printed the names and punched them out with a square punch.


The center of the base is where I added our family tree.   I typed the names of each family and trimmed them out into strips.  Used embroidery floss for each family as the “branches” connecting them to my grandparents.

This layout is just one idea!  I hope that it provides a jumping off point for your own family tree project.  One thing to keep in mind when you make your family tree is to allow extra space for any future additions.  : )



  1. Wonderful Tracey! 😃 A great way to focus on family members.

  2. Tracey, simply remarkable you are amazing and so very talented.

  3. Tracey, I love your take on the family tree!