Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday Table Idea

Hi friends!

Cindy here. I should be cleaning house. I should be starting my cooking. But you know how an idea is sometimes a bug in your ear? That happened to me this morning. I was feeling guilty for not planning anything special for my Thanksgiving table and I realized that there is one very easy thing that even the most stressed crafter/hostess can do. (Heck even if you're a guest for Thanksgiving, you can pull this off.)

Here it is. Go to your hoarded collected Project Life kits. First, see if you recently bought the Fall or Family themed mini card kits, if not, any other kits will do. Choose enough 4x6 journaling cards for your entire table or party. Gather some pens and set them up either at your table settings or somewhere convenient. Have each person fill the card out with whatever prompt you want. "This year I'm grateful for....", for example.

If you want to make it a game, shuffle all the cards, hand them out again and have people take turns reading them out loud and have everyone try to guess who wrote it.

Then, throughout the day, take a candid or posed photo of each person individually. (You could even ask a family member to do this for you.)

When the holiday winds down, print your photos, cut them into 3"x4" sizes and slip them into pocket pages with their journaling cards above or below. Or you could punch the photos out with a 2" circle punch and mat them on cute matching 3"x4" cards as shown below.

What a wonderful memory book this would be for you to treasure for years to come and it doesn't require a lot of effort.  You could even use this idea for a Christmas or other holiday gathering. (PS If you don't have Project Life kits, just cut a bunch of 4"x6" cards in pretty light colored papers to use as journaling cards.)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone.

Now I do have to start cleaning and cooking. I hope you....


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