Saturday, November 9, 2013

Instagram, Walgreens Prints, Project Life and Rhonna App...

Hi, Vi posting today!

Many have walked away from traditional scrapbooking and are either keeping their photo memories digitally or just  sharing them online.     As good and easy as it seems, I have heard too many Moms tell me how they have lost many precious memories because their computers crashed and they hadn't printed photos.    My son, loves the digital world and is really hooked on Instagram, but he still likes to take out his photo books and flip through them and I finally feel like I have found the perfect mix for the digital person and the tactile person.   Instagram meets photo editing App meets Walgreens printing and finally Project Life memory keeping...This is my story...

The football season started in August and I was able to capture and document each moment, milestone and disappointment over the last few months.  From practices to the playoff game that is happening tomorrow (Go Raiders! :)     The documenting was easy as I would edit the photo with the Rhonna App and include the scores the night of each game.   Through Facebook or Instagram, I could then let our friends and family know the game scores as well as Peter's successes on the night of the games.    I am happy to report that my fellow, Crafting Journaler, Anna told me Walgreens had an App to upload your Instagram photos and then get 4 x 4 prints!   This morning I uploaded my Instagram prints to the Walgreens site and my photos were ALL ready in just two hours!

I LOVE them and was able to then whip out my Project Life album and some of the packaged cards that I have bought and get a layout done in less than 15 minutes!

So if you have been leaving your photos in the digital world you may want to try some of these fun and simple tools to get your photos in albums.  Remember Instagram, Rhonna App, Walgreens and Project Life and they should all help you get those memories documented in a short period of time!

I will have another post in a few days that I had originally planned today but this Walgreens App changed my plans.  My next post will be on making a cute treat box for the Hanukah celebrations.   Since the first night is on Thanksgiving I will be making these treats to take to my sister's house for the kiddies. Stay tuned! 



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  1. Vi, thanks for posting this! I need to give this a try soon!