Saturday, December 7, 2013

Guest Post: DIY Satin Fabric Floral Headband

Hi Crafting Journals readers! I'm Tara from Spot of Tea Designs! My blog is all about my adventures in crafting, party planning, baking, home decorating, and being a newlywed and new mom! I'm so honored to guest post here at The Crafting Journals, as I have worked with many of the authors and have been inspired by them for years!

This past August, my husband and I welcomed our first daughter into our life and I've been finding ways to craft for her as much as I can. I started a baby scrapbook, made several wall décor pieces for her nursery, and created a name garland to hang at the hospital. Today I want to share a tutorial showing how I made the floral headband she wore for our Christmas Card photo shoot!

Satin Fabric
Tulle (I used red and white)
Scrap of felt
Crochet Headband (I bought the Celebrate It brand at Michaels)
Silver Clips (I bought the Simplicity brand at Walmart)
Needle and Thread
Optional: Tongs

1. Cut different sized circles from the satin fabric and tulle. Don't worry about making a perfect circle shape. In fact, I think they look better when they're not!
2. Use tongs to hold the satin fabric circles over a candle. As you get closer to the flame, you will notice that the ends will curl in slightly due to the heat. Please be careful with this step and don't set the fabric on fire! You might even want to keep a bowl of water nearby in case you get too close!

3. Layer the satin circles on top of one another, mixing in the different colors of tulle. Again, I personally like the look when the pieces are not perfectly center. Use a needle and thread to secure the pieces together, sewing a button in the center of the flower.
4. Sew the finished layered flowers on a piece of felt and sew silver clips on the back. For this particular design, I made three little flowers and since it was so long of finished piece, I sewed it onto two silver clips.

Clip the silver clips onto the crochet headband to wear! The best part: since its attached with clips, you can mix and match different flowers and accents onto the headband for endless possibilities!
I hope this post will inspire you to make your own satin flower headbands for you or a friend! For more crafts for little ones, (or to see how the photo shoot went), visit me over at Spot of Tea Designs or follow me on Pinterest, Twitter or Bloglovin'!



  1. so pretty, but my oh my, the candle! great thought for curling though!

  2. So beautiful, wish my baby girl wasn't 10 already!!

  3. What a cutie pie!!! and those flowers are lovely

  4. What a wonderful technique. These flowers can be used for so may projects. I haven't ever come across this method. THANKS!

  5. I love making these type of flowers, just what for your fingertips, mine got a bit hot sometimes when I made smaller flowers

  6. goodness she is so cute, love the headband too!

  7. Adorable headband!!! CUUUTE model!!

  8. Super cute headband - love the flowers.
    isoscia at aol dot com

  9. Love how you jazzed up this li'l headband. And your DD is a cutie patootie!! TFS! :-)

  10. Awww, what a cutie and I like the head band too, lol. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day,
    ♥ Scrapbook Blessings Club DT ♥
    ♥ A Working Mom's Joy ♥

  11. awwwww so cute!!! your baby is a little cute princess!! and that headband looks so pretty in her =D thank you for sharing =D