Monday, December 23, 2013

Quick Change Year in a Frame

Happy Holidays everyone!  It’s Elizabeth this week with a quick post ... because I’m sure you, like me, are very strapped for time this week ... ‘tis the season.

So here’s a look at my “Quick Change Year in a Frame” project.  I wanted a speedy way to decorate for every month’s theme ... a sure way that there was at least some form of thematic decoration in my house.  Nothing easier than slapping something in a frame, right?

The frame is deep.  Almost shadowbox like and has a frosted glass border.  The depth allows for foam adhesive and buttons even with the glass still inserted ... whew ... ‘cause ain’t nobody got time for dusting papercraft projects : ).

To keep the designs consistent and the crafting time minimal, I decided to always include a button and to make sure the shapes were simple.  The shapes are just free clipart I gathered off the internet. Now ... the first two designs are a bit different from the other eleven ... they were my firsts ... and just like parenting, the first ones are always done differently : ). So when I got to March, I decided to add a stitched square of coordinating pattern paper.  I. Love. Sewing. On. Paper. It’s almost nauseating how much I do that.

Well, enough words ... let’s get to the eye candy ... the pictures.

January: Sparkly Snowflake

February: Two Hearts

March: Lucky Clover

April: Button Bunny

May: Mother's Birdhouse

June: Father's Tie

June Bonus: Graduation Hat

July: Stars and Stripes

August: Summer Sun

September: Apple for the Teacher

October: Bats in the Belfry

November: Fall Leaf

December: Tree Time

I hope you enjoyed this quick look at my “Quick Change Year in a Frame”.  It would be a great project to work on during the week in between holidays ... then you could hit the ground running Jan 1st. To be ahead of schedule?  That would be the best holiday gift EVAH!  



  1. What cute ideas!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Elizabeth, these are so adorable! Such great ideas to keep your decor fresh all year! I can think of so many places in the house where this would be the perfect touch. And your sewing on paper isn't nauseating, it's amazing.