Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New Baby Christmas Ornament

Hi everyone and Happy Wednesday! Sarah Hamer here from Pink Cricut... Can you believe we are only 13 short days away from Christmas?  It's crazy how fast time has flown this month! I for one, LOVE Christmas time...the decorating and the gift-giving.  (Oh yeah, and definitely the cookies!)

So, today I'm going to show you how to make a sweet ornament that would be perfect for a new baby at Christmas time or any time really!

The ornaments I love working with each Christmas season are these amazing flat round ones, from Hobby Lobby.  You have to swipe them up at the beginning of the season, because they always seem to sell out.  They are perfect for crafting because they have a nice big space to work with on the front & back.

The first thing I do, is fill my ornament with whatever it is I want to fill it with.  I do a lot of glitter and tomorrow I will be doing popcorn with my kiddos.  But, since today's ornament is for a little baby girl, I wanted to add some pretty pink tulle.   I also added some pretty beads that I used to make a mobile for this same baby girl's nursery.  Once I give the ornament to her mom, she will also add the baby's hospital bracelet and any other little birth memory pieces.

The ornament is kind of plain still and not very personal, so I wanted to add some quick vinyl.  I love working with small vinyl projects- they add so much and take so little time!

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the baby girl's name and birth date with white vinyl.  It was about 3 inches across. 

After that, I weeded the vinyl, by pulling up at an angle first, and then using a pick to catch all those tiny middles of letters. 

I like to use contact paper as my transfer paper--so cheap and it works so easily!  I have found it works better than most of the other transfer paper out there.  Get the Duck brand at Walmart that looks like this on the back.  I've tried the dollar store stuff, and it just doesn't work. 

Transfer the vinyl to the ornament, carefully centering it.  (See that brown square underneath the ornament?  That's the tool I use to burnish or get the vinyl to's actually a Pampered Chef scraper!! ha! Don't tell my husband I go to kitchen parties for crafting tools!!)

Then, since the momma is ultra-girly, I wanted to add some faux rhinestones and some pretty crinkle ribbon.  That's it.  A quick, super-thoughtful gift for the family with a new baby.  Or, you could even make one for a newly engaged or married couple. 

Here is the ornament with the lights dimmed- so pretty! I can't wait to give it to her! Now I need to make one for my new baby :) 

Thanks for joining me today- and come visit me for more crafty inspiration!

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  1. Beautiful Sarah! I love making ornaments for my family for Christmas.

  2. so precious! great idea, we just welcomed 4 babies this year, all from my sister's and I !

  3. Such a sweet and beautiful keepsake.
    isoscia at aol dot com

  4. Gorgeous ornament and a beautiful treasure for your friend. TFS! :-)

  5. Awww, I love this idea! I think I am gonna try this for my nephew. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day,
    ♥ Scrapbook Blessings Club DT ♥
    ♥ A Working Mom's Joy ♥

  6. So smart and pretty. I love the way you used the Cameo to personalize the ornament -- it looks so professionally done!

  7. Awww that´s so sweet! it´s a pretty ornament i´m sure she´ll love it!

  8. Classy and cute at the same time. Nice keepsake.

  9. I know a sweet little girl that would be perfect for! Thanks for the idea :)