Friday, June 27, 2014

Yep. It’s Another Garland from Elizabeth.

I know. I know. I keep posting pictures of garlands on here.  But what can I say ... I love me some garland décor hanging from my mantle.  Fills the void ... the one across the top of my firebox ... and the one in my heart. LOL. So enjoy the July Fourth Banner eye candy coming your way below! 

No big scallop punch?  No problem!  Just punch a gazillion large circles then glue them individually to the backside of your project with only half the circle peeking out from the edge.  Viola!  Instant big scallop edging and chiseled biceps. It's a two-fer! : ).


The medallions' bottom pleated layers are made from a crepe paper streamer roll.  I. Love. Crepe. Paper. Streamers. Big bang for little bucks.  Try using it sometime ... gather it for ruffles, pleat it for medallions, snip it for fringe.  Very versatile. Just like the LBD in your closet ... work, date nights, funerals. One dress. Many uses.

Other details I love about this banner ... retro sequins, crystal droplets and tinsel ties.  Sequins have made a comeback ... so go steal them from your kid’s art supply box and put them to use on your own creations. The crystal droplets have two functions ... to add a touch of elegance and weight. Tinsel ties ... they’re sparkly. ‘Nuf said.

And on a complete side note ... because I crafted this banner many years ago and I have since lost a ginormous amount of brain cells due to parenting a teenager, I have a very vague recollection of the product sources. Let’s just say it’s all Melissa Frances and if it’s not, my apologies to the manufacturer I’m slighting.

Well, Happy Fourth of July everyone!  Enjoy the festivities of the day and be safe! 



  1. Super-duper cute, Elizabeth! I've never heard the term "firebox" before.... Time to whip out my punches and get to work on my biceps (or something).... Thanks for the patriotic inspiration! Your projects are always gorgeous!

  2. p.s. I'm going to hold off posting my Scrapbook Video Saturday, because I want everyone to have a chance to see this pretty project.