Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Altered Letter "B"

Hey Friends, 
Anna here from St@mpanna Designs to share with you a gift I made for a friend. 
This is a Paper Meche Letter "B" for Betsy.  Betsy is a friend of mine and I missed her Birthday Last week so Saturday I spent the day with her & I gave it to her and she loved it.  I loved it too.  So I bought an "A" to do.  {wink}
Here is what I started out with: 
Not pictured are the twine, spray adhesive, gold glitter, button, ribbon and hot glue gun/sticks.  Not to mention the M & M's, Sweet Tea, and Skype with my sister in California (I'm in New Jersey) for moral support until 2 am early Saturday Morning.  {smile}  
The holes in the "B" were a little difficult to do but I managed it.  I kept saying to myself.  Keep Going it will work out.  That is what I did,  KEPT GOING. 
TIP:  I had to cut the yarn in pieces to wrap it through the holes in the "B" because the skein wouldn't fit through the hole. 
I ended up using one whole skein of yarn on this letter.  I used hot glue the back of the letter to hold the yarn while I wrap.  I would wrap for a while and then hot glue on the back to support it better. 
On the pre-made flower I added some tea stained seam binding ribbon (I tea stained my own ribbon)  added a button with twine to the center of the bow and glued it onto the flower.  After I finished the whole thing I sprayed the adhesive spray on top of the letter & sprinkled with some fine gold glitter. 
Thank you for stopping by today!  

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