Sunday, October 12, 2014

Halloween Wreath Tutorial

Hey everyone!  Elizabeth here with a super quick and easy Halloween wreath tutorial. And when I say quick, I mean QUICK.  Even with a generous learning curve, I’m sure you can complete this project in 15 minutes. The longest part of the process?  Remembering where you stashed last year’s 50% off ornaments ... not that I would know anything about that :  ).

I’ve had this project on my PBL (Pinterest Bucket List) for a while now (see above mentioned comment on memory loss) and decided last week to finally tackle it.  Yay me for actually checking something off the perpetual PBL!  Miracles never cease! LOL.  I found this post very helpful and informative ... and no judging that our wreaths look very similar.  It’s the nature of the beast ... and ... I think we have the same Made-In-China ornament source. 

Anywho ... here’s the process:

Gather Supplies

  • Ornaments
  • Wire hanger
  • Needle-nose pliers with/and wire cutters

Remove the Hanger Hook

Use the wire cutters to remove the hanger hook.  TIP: You may have to use a combination of wire bending and cutter squeezing to get through the entire thickness.

Form the Wire Circle

Use the needle-nose pliers to straighten and bend the wire into a 12 inch circle.

Thread the Ornaments

Four words: thread with reckless abandon.  You can always shift the ornaments around to break up any areas of high color/finish concentration once they are on the wire.

Create Eye-Hooks

Create “eye-hooks” on each end of the wire circle making sure to leave a bit of open space for the next step.

Secure the Hooks


For lack of a better explanation, hook the hooks together.  If possible, squeeze the eye-hook openings shut.  Closing them off will make the wreath a bit more secure, but no worries if it’s too difficult.  I wasn’t able to shut my hooks and my wreath hasn’t popped open ... yet.   
Fingers crossed. :  )

Show It Off


See above picture. ‘Nuf said.

Happy Halloween everyone!  May the Great Pumpkin bring you a plethora of fun crafting supplies and pillowcases stuffed with full-sized candy bars!