Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Day 2: Fall, Thanksgiving and Gratitude Hooplah

Hey Everyone! Elizabeth here with today’s TCJ Fall, Thanksgiving and Gratitude Hooplah submission. 

I really wish I could take credit for this Chevron Monogram Sign, but alas I can’t. This entire project ... as is the case with about 85% of all the DIY projects in my home ... was envisioned, supplied and directed by my dear friend Jane. Pretty sure the only two elements I completed on my own were the bow and the wire hanger.  

My name is Elizabeth Barboza and I’m a co-dependent crafter.  

So before I show off the details, and especially in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly thank my DIY partner-in-crime for all her generosity of time, talent, and truckloads of wood scraps! Thank you Jane! You’re the best!

Ok ... enough sappiness ... on to the project.

Jane and her sweet hubs constructed the sign from regular fence boards straight off the shelves of Home Depot.  Yes. No pallets were harmed in the making of this sign. 

Basic construction steps: 
  • cut fence boards to desired length 
  • line five lengths up side by side
  • glue scrap wood strips to boards
  • add finishing nails to keep boards from shifting while glue dries

To hang the sign, I made a wire hanger by attaching eye hooks to the top strip of scrap wood then running picture wire in between.  

Basic décor steps: 
  • stain front of sign
  • use chalk paint and a hand-cut template (ours was made from that very elite and expensive medium called Poster Board) to create the chevron pattern
  • distress paint as desired and needed using sand paper
  • add monogram letter and bow

I wanted to be able to change out my monogram ... different colors for different seasons ... so I attached my letter with those “easy to remove adhesive strips” ... the hooky kind.  

Well, there you have it ... Jane’s Chevron Monogram Sign.  Mine is hanging on my front porch and each time I open my door to greet someone, I am reminded of the wonderful friendship I am blessed to share with Jane!  

And thanks dear readers ... for sharing your time and interests with us here at TCJ! Have a terrific Thanksgiving!



  1. Elizabeth, this is so beautiful. And sounds like you have an awesome crafty partner in crime!