Thursday, February 26, 2015

It’s All a Shim-Sham

Helloooo!  Elizabeth here again on this chilly and blustery Thursday with another DIY St. Patrick’s Day project ... a Faux Pallet Shamrock Sign.  

I pinned this tutorial a long time ago and ever since have been itching to try it.  I decided that this was the perfect time to give it a go because my St. Patrick’s Day bookshelf décor has an empty space that needs filling ... and even though I’m a HUGE proponent of white space on my SB layouts, yeah, not so much in my holiday décor. Drives. Me. Crazy.  

Thus the reason why I have single handedly kept my local Home Goods in business.  LOL.

So here’s my take on the faux pallet process ...

First ... gather supplies.

  • constructions shims (found in the door and window section of the home improvement store)
  • hot glue gun & a ton of glue sticks
  • hammer & small nails
  • shamrock clipart & pencil
  • wood stain (or watered down paint like I used bc of my laziness to not go into the cold and chilly garage)
  • green paint
  • cotton rag, foam paint brush & sanding block


Second ... layer shims in pairs (putting thin sides to thick sides) then adhere them together using hot glue ... this step will create “pallet slats”.

Third ... place the “pallet slats” in desired positions and check to be sure clipart fits.

Fourth ... turn slats over and glue three bracing slats on back to secure everything together.

Fifth ... hammer small nails at strategic spots to give it further strength.

Sixth ... stain front and sides of sign.

Seventh ... trace shamrock clipart onto sign then fill in with paint.

Eighth ... sand sign to give it a distressed look.

Wishing you loads of LUCK as you work on your own “SHAM” of a pallet sign ... Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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